Towards an excellent monetary system – beyond inflation towards a freedom money system

Revolutions are sometimes important. We have had several revolutions of industry, science and digital technology in the last couple of decades. At current, digital tech and fintech are thought to be the biggest and most important recent revolutions of mankind. But currently no one, except me, understands that the biggest next revolutions are already on their ways. And that these next transformations will be the most massive and impressive revolutions ever in mankind.

Het boek De Monetaire Revolutie is vanaf nu beschikbaar!

Het is een feit. Het boek " De Monetaire Revolutie- Het Excellente Monetaire Systeem" is nu gepubliceerd en via mij (Wilfred Berendsen) beschikbaar.

Change (management) oplossingen voor ons en onze (klein) kinderen

In 1930 presenteerde Keynes zijn tekst " economic possibilities for our grandchildren". Hierin kijkt Keynes naar de toekomst en hij voorspelt in deze tekst dat binnen ongeveer 100 jaar dat de tekst is geschreven, iedereen die dat wenst minder dan of rond de 15 uur per week kan werken. Dit vanwege de steeds groeiende toename van de productiviteit en stijgende lonen.

ECB prepares a next and bigger debt/financial crisis for the future through QE

I wrote a book about the debt crisis and the real underlying cause of it. This cause not being the banks and their actions. but more generally the prehistoric monetary system we all have to deal with currently .Unfortunately. This monetary system HAS to be replaced by my new monetary system. As soon as possible.

Please share this post/message from me, whoever reads this. as what i am mentioning after this is VERY important for the future of all of us. To get to understand.